Back The Blue Legislation: FAQ SB 1480

Senate Bill 1480

Back the Blue Act FAQ

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• Attacks on law enforcement are becoming too common—and are a threat to officer safety and community safety.

• What this federal bill does is help ensure that those who risk their lives to protect others, have some protection as well.

• Suspects are getting more emboldened to attack officers. We must do something to deter these attacks.

• Too often, criminals are taking the calculated risk of taking a shot at a police officer either to get away with a crime, avoid arrest or simply because they hate cops. Those that choose that course of action must be held accountable.

• Just two weeks ago we had a California Highway Patrol Officer shot and killed as he made a traffic stop; we have 6 officers shot in Philadelphia for simply trying to serve a warrant. In Phoenix, officers were run over, in New York officers have been assassinated simply because they are cops.

• These attacks are really an attempt to break down the social structure that keeps our communities safe.

• Senate Bill 1480 will allow for federal prosecution of these criminals if the state or local jurisdiction fails to prosecute or if the sentence is not commensurate with the crime upon conviction.

Back the Blue Act Background

Who is covered:
• Police officers;
• US. Judges;
• Fire fighters
• Prosecutors
• Pretrial service officers

Acts covered:
Assault officer wile performing duties, or attacks on former LEO based on the duties performed; or because the person was perceived to be a LEO

Assault (bodily injury): not less than 2 not more than 10
Assault (substantial bodily injury): not less than 5 not more than 20
Assault (serious bodily injury): not less than 10 years
Deadly/Dangerous weapon used: not less than 20
Death: minimum of 30, up to death penalty.

Information in the FAQ is courtesy of UCOPS.ORG