Seattle, WA- On Thursday, April 16th, Seattle Police Officers Guild continues “Say NO 2 COVID Grab & Go.” This community event has been an overwhelming success as our businesses across Seattle, many of whom are still struggling, continue to reach out to us to participate.  We are honored to work with these struggling businesses to keep them and Seattle going during COVID19.

In conjunction with “Say NO 2 COVID Grab & Go,” SPOG is pleased to announce another community project called the Emerald Protection Plan. This long-term solution-based plan is to positively engage Seattle’s most vulnerable citizens and help those in need.

“The Emerald Protection Plan was created to further our bond with our wonderfully diverse Seattle community with solution-based projects on behalf of our Seattle police officers to help those most in need. One of these projects contained within EPP is to work with our local food banks with food donations.  Right now, these food banks are in desperate need. I’m thrilled that our first partners in the Emerald Protection Plan are the United Way of King County and Solid Ground. These food bank donations will occur every Friday and we are calling it Food Bank Friday.  The United Way of King County and Solid Ground are fantastic community organizations that will help us in coordinating our police officer’s personally donated food items to several food banks across Seattle and King County. Our officers are really excited to be able to give back.” Said SPOG President Mike Solan.

We are also pleased to announce that the King County Police Officers Guild – KCPOG will be participating in Food Bank Fridays across King County. This week, our combined donations will go to the Rainier Valley Food Bank.  In the continuance of Food Bank Friday, we will also be donating food items to NW Harvest and the Puget Sound Labor Agency Food Bank.

For more information on the Emerald Protection Plan and events such as Say NO 2 COVID Grab & Go and Food Bank Friday, visit

For Immediate Release
Monday April 16, 2020
Contact: Mike Solan

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