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Kevin Stuckey – President
Mike Solan – Vice President
Walt Hayden – Secretary/Treasurer


October 17, 2019

TO: All Media Outlets
FM: Officer Kevin Stuckey, SPOG President
RE: Seattle Police Officers Guild City Council Endorsements

The Seattle Police Officers Guild believes that the most crucial issue facing the city of Seattle is Public Safety. SPOG sent out questionnaires and recently conducted a Public Safety Forum for all Seattle City Council Candidates.

SPOG is pleased to announce the following endorsements:
District 1: Phil Tavel
District 2: Mark Solomon
District 5: Debora Juarez
District 6: Heidi Wills

SPOG believes that these candidates’ best understand the seriousness of public safety and they offer the best ideas to approach this most critical issue.

The Seattle Police Officers Guild is the largest police labor union in the northwest and we represent all sworn Seattle Police Officers and Sergeants which includes over 1300 members.

For more information contact SPOG Vice President Mike Sloan at 206-767-1150 or