For Immediate Release

Statement Regarding Officer Adley Shepherd Decision


Seattle Police Officers Guild  
2949 Fourth Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134
206.767.1150 (phone)
206.768.1848 (fax)


Kevin Stuckey – President
Mike Solan – Vice President
Walt Hayden – Secretary/Treasurer

TO: All Media Outlets
FM: Officer Kevin Stuckey, SPOG President
RE: Statement Regarding Officer Adley Shepherd Decision

Seattle Police Officers Guild members are some of the best-trained and professional Pubic Safety servants in the nation. We are willing to put our lives on the line to dutifully protect our community each and every day.

This decision impacts all labor and is an affront to Binding Arbitration.

Our hearts go out to the Shepherd family who have been dragged through this process for nearly five years. SPOG will be immediately appealing this decision as it will negatively impact all public sector union contracts.

The Seattle Police Officers Guild is the largest police labor union in the northwest and we represent all sworn Seattle Police Officers and Sergeants which includes over 1300 members.

For more information contact the SPOG Director of Media & Labor Relations, Rich O’Neill, at 206-767-1150.